Permanent Makeup & Thermocoagulation

We are pleased to now be offering Permanent makeup and Thermocoagulation for our clients.

Click here to book an appointment online, or alternatively please telephone us at (604) 852-2228.

Please note: The 10% Discount for booking online will not be applicable after June 1st

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makup

A natural looking facial tattoo. We highly recommend a consultation for this service at no cost. If needed, touch ups are complementary within 4 weeks.


Eyeliner Bottom

Eyeliner Top

Eyeliner Top and Bottom

Mole Application
Starting at $30

Most guests will require a touch up appointment which should be booked 4-6 weeks after receiving their service. One free touch up appointment is included in the initial cost.

Permanent Makeup Information

  • Skin may redden and become slightly swollen for a very short time after the service
  • Color will fade 20 – 30% within a few days of the service which will ensure a much more natural color
  • After three weeks, a touch-up can be scheduled. Touch-ups are FREE if they are done within the first 4 weeks, after this time, there may be a charge.
  • Clients can wear their normal makeup to the service.
  • Any Tweezing or Waxing should be done at least 24 hours prior to the service.
  • Electrolysis should be done no less than 5 days prior to the service.
  • Clients should not color their eyelashes or brows within 48 hours of their service.


Starting at $50

An electric current which aids in reducing skin imperfections such as mole removal and spider veins. Price will be determined upon consultation.