The European Day Spa and Salon are proud to introduce tanning as part of their Spa services, which is extremely beneficial as the winter months draw in, and the lack of Vitamin D from the sun ever dwindling. Now you don’t have to spend a fortune on a holiday, just to top up on your summer tan, when you can come to our tanning salon. Look radiant and glowing this Christmas at your parties with a golden tan that makes you feel so much better about the cold winter coming.

Our tanning consultants are “Smart Tan Certified” and are eager to customize the perfect tanning package, just for you. We offer single sessions, per minute to package deals which cover many weeks should you require. Our private tanning rooms are designed to relax your mind while you achieve that perfect tan!

Please note: Use of commercial indoor tanning beds by youth under the age of 18 is prohibited, unless a medical prescription is provided.

Abbotsford Spa - Tanning Bed

Professional Spray Tanning Qualifications

Our staff are fully trained and professionally qualified.
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Abbotsford Day Spa and Salon - Tanning Packages

Tanning Prices

  • $0.80 Cents per Minute
  • $59 for 100 Minutes
  • $79 for 200 Minutes

Professional Spray Tanning

Using the finest botanical ingredients available our skilled technicians will give your skin a natural, glowing tan without the harmful effects of the sun

You will notice with professionally applied spray tanning by our estheticians that the tan will be evenly applied, because they can easily spot any areas which were missed immediately and make the proper changes to your body. You will also find this can allow you to have more control over how tanned you will get, because of the different options and products we have have available for you to use.

Tanning Prices

  • Face – $19
  • Legs only – $25
  • Full Body – $42

Abbotsford Spa - Tanning Products

We carry only the highest quality of tanning products, that have all been personally tried and tested by us. If we were not impressed with the products personally, we certainly wouldn’t recommend them to you.

At First Site - Love DS

Berry Beautiful - Botanica

Cirque - Designer Skin

CoCo De Ville - Designer Skin

Exfoliator - California Tan

Honey Face Facts - Botanica

I Mist You - Botanica

Kiwi Mango Body Wash - Hemp Nation

Kiwi Mango Moisturizer - Hemp Nation

Love Notes - Love DS

Monarchy - Designer Skin

Pear Fecto - Botanica

Pomaberry Moisturizer - Hemp Nation

Puritea - Botanica

Purple Reign - Love DS

Queen - Designer Skin

Shea You Love Me - Botanica

Sunless Spray Mousse - California Tan

Sunless Spray Tan - California Tan

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